Life Coaching
I have been working as a certified Life Coach for close to 20 years now and helping my clients get unstuck, transform their lives, and wake up to their own inner brilliance is one of my greatest joys. My belief is that it is everyone’s inherent right to live a deeply rich, rewarding life. As a coach, I am devoted to help my client’s claim this right by partnering with them to powerfully, actionably, identify and then bring to reality their heartfelt dreams and yearnings. Contact Lindsay to learn more about Life Coaching.


Career Coaching
We each deserve to love the work that we do and that is why I became a certified Career Coach over 15-years ago. As a career coach, I help my clients turn-up-the-volume on a career that they already love or help them discover a new career founded on their passions and dreams. Having a background as an executive recruiter, I bring to my clients the unique advantage of knowing what recruiters, hiring managers, and employers are looking for when seeking top talent. My work with my clients is always actionable and grounded by a step-by-step process that ensures their success. Contact Lindsay to learn more about Career Coaching.

The coaching programs that I offer share one thing in common, the uncompromising belief that it is your birthright to live a deeply rich, rewarding life. As a coach, I partner with you to claim that right. Whether for Life, Career, or Essence  coaching, awaken to your inherent power, and learn how to design a life expressive of who you are. Life lived from this place automatically gifts you with aliveness, meaning, and rich reward. Claim your Birthright.

Power of Essence Coaching
Essence coaching takes place over a period of eight sessions. It entails a process of deep self-discovery where one awakens to their inherent sense-of-self and is empowered with the tools to design a life that is aligned with who they are. So often we live our lives consciously or unconsciously based on other’s expectations of us, or from a place of “shoulds.” Essence coaching empowers the client to live life on their terms. As a result, life opens-up and becomes deeply rich, meaningful, and rewarding. Alternatively, consider taking The Power of Essence live, online, recorded course. Contact Lindsay to learn more about the Power of Essence Coaching.

Home Decor Coaching
With a mother as an artist and brilliant interior decorator, I grew up inside of home spaces that were not only sublimely beautiful and comfortable but perhaps more importantly, reflective of who we were as a family. My mother was able to weave the essence of each of us and how we wanted to feel into the decor, allowing us to live in what felt like a personal paradise. I have a passion to help others experience the gift of living inside of spaces that are reflective of who they are and represent their vision of beauty, and so I created a coaching process that makes this possible. Contact Lindsay to learn more about Home Decor Coaching.

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"An experienced coach myself, I chose to work with Lindsay as my Career Coach based on her unique combination of business/market savvy and personal impact. Lindsay's empathy, intuitive mind, and deep and appreciative listening gave me confidence that she saw me, 'got' me, and was in my corner. When I hit a low point in my executive job search, Lindsay was the high point; when I forgot my own value proposition, Lindsay articulated it for me; when I lost access to my internal resources of resilience and creativity, Lindsay got me back on the path. At the very beginning of our work together, Lindsay affirmed that she wanted me to find a role that I loved, not just a role I could execute. I didn't think it was possible, but we got there, and I accepted a role that I love. I cannot recommend Lindsay highly enough and, in fact, refer her to others on a regular basis. She is my go-to referral when it comes to career coaches." – Emily G.

She Kept Me on Track

"I am extremely fortunate to have worked with Lindsay as my coach for more than one engagement, primarily for life and relationship coaching. I say fortunate, because I consider it a complete blessing that she was willing and able to make time to see me as a return client! There are so many positives to share. The best way I can sum up my amazing experiences partnering with her on my own advancement… Lindsay is extremely GIFTED in her intuitive approach and coaching style. When I am in session, I feel incredibly heard AND seen by her. It’s almost as if she can ‘hear’ what I am not saying as much as what I am. She has a honed ability to take what she’s heard and offers new perspectives and tools using visualizations that truly resonate with me and what I am feeling in that moment. I walk away with thoughts and insights that help me to further process on my own, as well as use in my life and relationships in real-time. I unequivocally recommend her—and have many times." — Ayfer J.

I Feel Incredibly Heard and Seen

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