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Are you a middle-aged woman that is aching for something more? Are you feeling a yearning to create a life with you in mind? And yet, are you feeling: Stuck or confused about how to actualize these yearnings; Unclear about what you are even yearning for - just painfully aware that something is missing; or Hopeless because your “time to shine” is starting to pass you by?

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Your Time is Now!

Middle-aged women today are feeling an impulse to live the second half of their life as expressions of who they are, abundant with their joys, pleasures, aspirations, and dreams. Often the first half of their lives have been lived without themselves in mind, instead being:
  • Devoted to the flourishing of their loved ones, or
  • Dedicated to outwardly living a “perfect” life, based on societies and others’ expectations.

This yearning to prioritize ourselves is occurring when society is starting to tell women, overtly and covertly, as early as in their late 40s, that the “time to shine” has passed us by and that we need to step aside to make room for the younger women coming up behind us.

Ladies, here is the great news! Research is showing that in fact, when a woman hits the age of 60 she is just starting to step into her most productive, creative, and powerfully dynamic phase of life. My close to 20 years of coaching backs this up, as I have seen countless women in their middle-age step fully into their personal power and magnificence:
  • Thriving in a deeply connected romantic partnership.
  • Flourishing in a passion driven career.
  • Experiencing an ageless sense of beauty.
  • Living with optimal health and vitality.
  • Delighting in fully expressed creativity.

When you work with me, whether through private or group coaching, together we will:
  • Unleash an inherent power within you.
  • Design a vision for your life with you at the center point.
  • Course an actionable journey to get you from here to there.
  • Equip you with a fail-proof Inner Life Compass to ensure your success.

Step into the New Prime!

"Lindsay is a member of my Personal Board of Directors. Truth is, I had no idea she would become such an important presence in my life when I originally reached out to her for coaching in the middle of my muddy 2020, as I call it. Since then, our relationship has grown organically, and she's become an instrumental contributor to my self-confidence and an indispensable coach and advisor to me. I highly recommend Lindsay for anyone looking for a partner to work on self-love with." – Caroline T.

Instrumental Contributor

"Lindsay has been a savior to me. I had no idea what I should do in the second chapter of my life. Our coaching work together helped me to find clarity and create a compass to guide me. First, she helped me identify my values, what she calls my essence qualities, when I didn't know how to identify them out of a jumble of thoughts. It was like magic. Second, she was instrumental in helping me identify my strengths and where I wanted to grow and again, that helped tremendously. Third, she helped me more than a therapist would. Our coaching sessions guide me to where I need to go in my life to be who and where I want to be, and this has been invaluable. Now that Lindsay is a part of my life, I will keep her as long as I can have her! She is a joy to work with and to anyone who seeks to discover their life purpose, you have found the right coach." — Stacy M.

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